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WARNING: Tryptamind contains INFORMATION! Tryptamind.com is an informative resource on psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic plants and their active chemical constituents. We provide accurate, well researched information on many of this world's most obscure/unknown plants and natural medicines as well as selected resources that sell top quality products at the best available prices.

Powerful plants, those traditionally considered sacred, are capable of transporting the human mind into higher dimensional realms of existence, one quanta away. They can induce states of altered awareness, "expand" consciousness, and induce very profound emotions. Through shamanic usage of sacred plants, we find a world to which modern science has neither access nor answers - the inner depths of the human mind.

We believe there is a need for more widely available information on both the potential risks and inherent benefits of using mind altering foods of the gods. The "Just Say No" approach to drug use is a mindless and misguided attack on the most basic human right to freedom of consciousness. This website was created as a means to increase people's awareness of these little known, naturally occurring psychoactives. Inform yourself!

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About kava kava
Kava Kava: this wonder plant from the South Pacific is nature's very own stress reliever. Read about the origin of the plant and its other uses. ... when the roots reach their full potency. In Vanuatu, kava isn't seasonal; it grows year-round ... by individual kava growers and in villages, Vanuatu kava contains no pesticides and ...

All Kava 0nline:"Kava Products"@Kava Kauai 1(800)626-0883
0ur Kava @Kava Kauai is the source in Hawaii for high quality kava root and kava products, call (800)626-0883. ... KAVA ROOT. Vanuatu Kava. Fiji Kava. Hawaiian 'Awa. Kava Root Bundle. KAVA PRODUCTS ...

Kava In Vanuatu - Part 1
A photo essay about Vanuatu's favourite recreational drug. ... Kava In Vanuatu. Table of Contents: ... Links To WWW Sites About Kava. Kava is the recreational drug of choice in Vanuatu ...

Vanuatu Kava Drinking - Kava Kompani>
Kava drinking in Vanuatu commences each evening at sundown. The kava is prepared and drunk to the sounds of soft conversation, where people discus the days activities and contemplate the future in a calm and peaceful environment.

Welcome to the Kava Kompani
The village people of Vanuatu have been growing kava (piper methysticum) for human consumption for over 3,000 years. Kava Kompani has been exporting Vanuatu kava for over 11 years. See us for other genuine Vanuatu products.

Kava Kava Vanuatu
Effective Herbal Vitamins and extracts. ... Questions and Answers. KAVA KAVA ROOT ... Organic Vanuatu Kava Kava Root (Piper methysticum), Grain Alcohol, Deionized Water ...

The Nakava - North America's only real kava bar
North America's first nakamal (kava bar) in Boca Raton, Florida. South Pacific Elixir Company, purveyors of finest quality kava and south Pacific cultural artifacts. ... the title of Survivor, watch them take part in traditions of Vanuatu, including kava drinking. CBS web site: [ link ] ... Nakamal@HOME kit. 1Kg Vanuatu Kava, 2 Coconut Shells ...

Kava Articles
Kava news articles in online media. Kava IKC told Kava is safe Dec 10, 2004 ... Kava is safe Dec 10, 2004. Vanuatu Online, : The International Kava Conference (IKC) held in Suva ... Fears that Fiji would ban Vanuatu kava as a retaliatory measure following ...

The VANUATU Kava connection
... their weaker, more watery mix. In Vanuatu too, kava is drunk on special occasions, sealing agreements or ... intoxicated, you may ponder why Vanuatu kava is so much stronger than ...

Kava In Vanuatu - Part 2
Continuation of a photo essay about Vanuatu's favourite recreational drug. ... Vanuatu kava is reputed to be the world's strongest, and is used almost exclusively as an intoxicant ...

Vanuatu Kava Exports - Kava Kompani>
... and custom of the people of Vanuatu. Vanuatu Kava is mostly individual grown, not community grown, so ... receive the cash for their kava plants themselves, and this includes many ...

Vanuatu Kava Cultivation - Kava Kompani>
The kava is typically grown in amongst the food garden of the villager. The main area for commercial kava growing is Pentecost island, however many other islands also produce fine kava available for export from the Kava Kampani. ... The village people of Vanuatu have been growing kava piper methysticum Forst. ( ...

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