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WARNING: Tryptamind contains INFORMATION! Tryptamind.com is an informative resource on psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic plants and their active chemical constituents. We provide accurate, well researched information on many of this world's most obscure/unknown plants and natural medicines as well as selected resources that sell top quality products at the best available prices.

Powerful plants, those traditionally considered sacred, are capable of transporting the human mind into higher dimensional realms of existence, one quanta away. They can induce states of altered awareness, "expand" consciousness, and induce very profound emotions. Through shamanic usage of sacred plants, we find a world to which modern science has neither access nor answers - the inner depths of the human mind.

We believe there is a need for more widely available information on both the potential risks and inherent benefits of using mind altering foods of the gods. The "Just Say No" approach to drug use is a mindless and misguided attack on the most basic human right to freedom of consciousness. This website was created as a means to increase people's awareness of these little known, naturally occurring psychoactives. Inform yourself!

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Shamnistic - Native American
... To Place your order click on the book title. Cal 98 Shaman : The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet ... of a Native American Shaman. Bear Heart, Molly Larkin ...

Shaman of Native American Ways
Shaman of Native American Ways. A voice, like the Wind. through a sandstone arch, whispers. at the edge. of my questing heart: "Come; it is Time." Children and Elders. Shepherds and Weavers. Shamans and Craftsmen. and all true Believers:

Native American Shaman Supplies
Hutchison Model Rail. We are just moving in. The site will be fully operational soon. We are tired of seeing bogus and powerless supplies for the spiritualist. We provide traditional Shaman supplies. Pipes, Medicine Bags etc.

Outstanding Indian Shaman Native American Mask Wall at SHOP.COM
Search, find and buy Outstanding Indian Shaman Native American Mask Wall Plaque and other Home products from a variety of merchants via the OneCart(tm) solution at SHOP.COM. ... description for these beautiful masks reflecting our Native American Heritage! Each and every piece is hand ... Fur, Feathers and Beads adorn this Indian Shaman. Measuring 26" long and ...

Mystical Realms
A Pagan site where all pagans can aside there differences, and unite as a whole

Native Section of the Spiritual Network
Native American section of the Spiritual Network includes Medicine Wheel, Animal Totems, Shaman, Rainbow Tribe, research and much information. ... Tribes and Research. Native American Tribal Research - Lineage ... Words of Wisdom - What is a Shaman. Native Links of Interest. Mostly Native American Links ...

A Native American Shaman
A Native American Shaman. Slide 4 of 46

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS)
Teachings of the wheels and keys of sacred knowledge of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, a magickal Twisted Hairs tradition. Offering ceremonial experiences, shamanic techniques and apprenticeship in a disciplined spiritual journey to personal ...

Eshejar Native American Shaman Indian
A LIMITED EDITION COLLECTIBLE. FROM. Fort Apache Cemetery. ESH-E-JAR. The story of Esh-E-Jar is not typical of native American society. Esh-E-Jar was the second son of an Apache Shaman. ... of the most sacred of all native American ceremonial masks. ...

Seeking Native American Spirituality and Traditional Religion: Read This First!
A word to the wise for non-Indians in search of Native American religions and spirituality. Explains the differences between traditional American Indian belief and European paganism, Russian shamanism, and the New Age. ... learn about traditional Native American religion and spirituality these ... a Native American book out of the library as well as looking on the Internet, since any quack shaman can put ...

native american spirituality ... NATIVE AMERICAN. SPIRITUALITY ... The Angakut or Shaman is the spiritual leader of each tribe ...

Frank's Native American / Pagan / Shaman links page
Pagan, Native American, Shaman, links, poetry, art, philosophy, writings, including parody, humor and offbeat ... Native American / Pagan / Shaman. Appalachian Pagan Alliance Pagan group ... pages, audio background. Native American Prophecy & Ancient Prophecy Comprehensive Native American Prophecy ...

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Everyone should know of all information that others have deemed unfit for public knowledge.
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