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WARNING: Tryptamind contains INFORMATION! Tryptamind.com is an informative resource on psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic plants and their active chemical constituents. We provide accurate, well researched information on many of this world's most obscure/unknown plants and natural medicines as well as selected resources that sell top quality products at the best available prices.

Powerful plants, those traditionally considered sacred, are capable of transporting the human mind into higher dimensional realms of existence, one quanta away. They can induce states of altered awareness, "expand" consciousness, and induce very profound emotions. Through shamanic usage of sacred plants, we find a world to which modern science has neither access nor answers - the inner depths of the human mind.

We believe there is a need for more widely available information on both the potential risks and inherent benefits of using mind altering foods of the gods. The "Just Say No" approach to drug use is a mindless and misguided attack on the most basic human right to freedom of consciousness. This website was created as a means to increase people's awareness of these little known, naturally occurring psychoactives. Inform yourself!

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An Introduction to Korean Shamanism
Dancing on Knives: An Introduction to the Politics of Sexuality and Gender in Korean Shamanism. Heinz Insu Fenkl. When I started "dancing on the knives" while possessed by the Knife-Riding General, my husband divorced me. -A Korean Shaman ... recently finished her book on Korean Shamanism (1985); she was extremely helpful in ...

Christianity and Shamanism: First International Consultation
Introduction and seven chapters about shamanism and Christianity. Focus on Korea and Yakutia (Siberia), Russia. Print-facility. Topic-index. ... Origin and History of Korean Shamanism. The Spirit World of Korean Shamanism: Customs surrounding birth. ...

Shamanism in Korea. by Lee Chang Sun. Korea, like other Asian people, maintain ancient traditions such as KUT, exorcising ceremonies, which resemble those of the Nothern American medicine man or African witch doctor. ... There are at least three different types of trance possession in Korean shamanism ...

Korean History:: A Bibliography :::::: [RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY - Shamanism]
Religion and Philosophy: Shamanism. Chang, Chu-kun. " A Correlation of the Ancient Religions of Japan and Korea." In Yu Chai-shin and R. Guisso, eds. ... Problems in the Study of Korean Shamanism." In M ... Problems in the Study of Korean Shamanism." Korea Journal 25:5 (May 1985): 18-30. ...

'Korean Shamanism': Chapter 2 in Christianity and Shamanism.
'Korean Shamanism', by Cha Ok Soong (Hanil Presbyterian University, Seoul), for the KNCC in the First Seoul International Consultation. ... Chapter 2. Korean Shamanism. ( Mu ) ... Table of Contents. Korean Shamanism ( Mu ) ...

한국 대표 무속 포탈사이트 - 한국의 샤머니즘
무당, 무속 포털, 샤머니즘, 무료 운세 상담, 일일 운세 등, 한국의 무속 홍보대사

Cinflix - DVD Rental - Mudang (aka: Young Mae) - Korean - ENGLISH - Korean - Region-0 (ALL) - Park Ki-Bok - . -
Mudang ... Hokkien (Singapore) Italian Japanese Korean Ladakhi (Tibetan) Mandarin Polish Portuguese ... ENGLISH French German Indonesian Japanese Korean Malaysian NONE Polish Portuguese Russian ...

Haines Brown, Korean Shamanism
... Korean Shamanism. By Haines Brown <brownh@hartford-hwp.com>, 30 July 1997. It might be argued that shamanism represents the original human religion, for archaeologists have ...

Shamanistic Influences In Korean Pentecostal Christianity: An Analysis
... I will contend that there is a relationship between the gods of shamanism and Korean megachurch ... absorb huge chunks of indigenous Korean shamanism and demon possession into its ...

Wikipedia: Korean Shamanism
Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's article on 'Korean Shamanism' ... Even though belief in Korean shamanism is not considered widespread these days, the practices are kept alive. In the ...

Shamanism in Korean Christianity: Evaluating the Influence of...
... Shamanism in Korean Christianity: Evaluating the Influence of Shamanism on Perceptions ... contextualization from unhealthy adaptations of Korean shamanism. The author encourages ...

Korean Shamanism: the Cultural Paradox and Other Books at Great Prices
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