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WARNING: Tryptamind contains INFORMATION! Tryptamind.com is an informative resource on psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic plants and their active chemical constituents. We provide accurate, well researched information on many of this world's most obscure/unknown plants and natural medicines as well as selected resources that sell top quality products at the best available prices.

Powerful plants, those traditionally considered sacred, are capable of transporting the human mind into higher dimensional realms of existence, one quanta away. They can induce states of altered awareness, "expand" consciousness, and induce very profound emotions. Through shamanic usage of sacred plants, we find a world to which modern science has neither access nor answers - the inner depths of the human mind.

We believe there is a need for more widely available information on both the potential risks and inherent benefits of using mind altering foods of the gods. The "Just Say No" approach to drug use is a mindless and misguided attack on the most basic human right to freedom of consciousness. This website was created as a means to increase people's awareness of these little known, naturally occurring psychoactives. Inform yourself!

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Kava: An Herb for the High Stressed Nineties
Kava: Powerful Anti-stress Herb. Dr. Michael Tierra L.Ac., O.M.D., Founder of the American Herbalists Guild. The belief that there is an herb for every human condition is attested by the unique virtues of Kava.

kava herb
Review how the kava herb significantly reduces anxiety. Insomnia and jet lag concerns are relieved by using kava herb. ... Kava herb relieves anxiety, insomnia and jet lag concerns ... The kava herb, found in the Pacific Islands, was first introduced to the west by explorer Captain James Cook in ...

The South Pacific herb Kava Kava is a natural way to fall asleep
A natural way to fall asleep. The South Pacific herb, kava kava has shown in research to relieve anxiety, elevate mood, relax muscles and induce deep, restful sleep ... Kava Kava. 15 to 40% of the population suffers from an under active thyroid ...

Herbal Information Center - Kava Kava - Herbs
Kava Kava - Herbal Information Center & General Store. Largest on the net! ... Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) ... Recent clinical studies have shown that the herb kava is a safe nonaddictive anti-anxiety medicine, and as effective as ...

Kava Kava Page
Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources Kava kava Page, The most potent pain, insomnia and stress relief from Kava part of our online herb and books store, dedicated to herbalism, ethnobotany, books about plant medicines and drugs, also we carry a ...

herb kava salvia dinorum hallucinogens herb
herbal. Legal smoke canadian herbal shop smoke ... herb kava salvia dinorum hallucinogens herb. moreover, since buy salvia salvinorine ... prunus shroom's laillistaminen right herb kava salvia dinorum hallucinogens herb report salvia ...

Kava Kava
(Your shopping cart is empty) ... Dagga Dried Herb Dried Herb:Ashwaghanda Dried Herb:Calamus Dried Herb ...

USATODAY.com - Herb kava linked to liver problems
... 12/30/2001 - Updated 10:39 PM ET. Herb kava linked to liver problems ... whether popular dietary supplements containing the herb kava, promoted for relief of stress and anxiety ...

Gaia Herb Kava Kava -- and other Health and Beauty products at Shopping.com!
Find, compare and buy Gaia Herb Kava Kava and other Health and Beauty products. Read product reviews and compare prices with tax and shipping.

Wal-Mart.com Books: Kava: the Ultimate Guide to Nature's Anti-Stress Herb
Research and purchase 'Kava: The Ultimate Guide to Nature's Anti-Stress Herb' at Wal-Mart.com for only $5.09 Wal-Mart always has the best prices on Textbooks.

Kava Kava herbs for stress, anxiety, insomnia, PMS, panic, headache, back pain, relaxation
Finely ground kava root from the South Pacific for relaxation and relief of stress, anxiety, insomnia, PMS, headache and back pain. Miconized kava root is ready for use as a herb tea, no filtering required. ... Home Page. Kava kava. About Us. Kava: The Guide. Miracle Herb. Kava Recipes. Kava Paper. Kava Books ...

Kava Kava for Stress, Anxiety by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Kava kava side effects kava for anxiety kava, buy kava liver toxicity ... life beyond belief on the kava herb. However i note in your books some concern about the long ... been reading about how this herb Kava can help reduce anxiety and ...

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