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WARNING: Tryptamind contains INFORMATION! Tryptamind.com is an informative resource on psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic plants and their active chemical constituents. We provide accurate, well researched information on many of this world's most obscure/unknown plants and natural medicines as well as selected resources that sell top quality products at the best available prices.

Powerful plants, those traditionally considered sacred, are capable of transporting the human mind into higher dimensional realms of existence, one quanta away. They can induce states of altered awareness, "expand" consciousness, and induce very profound emotions. Through shamanic usage of sacred plants, we find a world to which modern science has neither access nor answers - the inner depths of the human mind.

We believe there is a need for more widely available information on both the potential risks and inherent benefits of using mind altering foods of the gods. The "Just Say No" approach to drug use is a mindless and misguided attack on the most basic human right to freedom of consciousness. This website was created as a means to increase people's awareness of these little known, naturally occurring psychoactives. Inform yourself!

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Shaman - cifras, letras e tablaturas - shaman.cifras.art.br
... Você está no site de Shaman, se quiser ver outros artistas, navegue pelo abecedário abaixo. ... ©2003 shaman.cifras.art.br - todos os direitos reservados ...

Shaman Schriftart
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Southwest Stucco Art, Shaman
Southwest Stucco Art Paintings. Shaman. SKU#: 239. 18" X 24" Price: $119.00 ... interesting textures and reliefs created in these "Stucco Art" paintings are achieved by applying a texturing compound ...

The Shaman's Walk - Art as Revelation. Handcrafted contemporary art, outsider art and folk art to inspire you
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futureshock art shaman painting
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Cowboy and Rodeo Artists and Photographer Works Are Seen Here
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Art Poster Print - Shaman King by unknown Print Size: 35 at SHOP.COM
Search, find and buy Art Poster Print - Shaman King by unknown Print Size: 35 x 23.5 inches. and other products from a variety of merchants via the OneCart(tm) solution at SHOP.COM. ... Premium quality art poster. $ 5.95 Flat Shipping Rate to Continental US ... Find all your favorite Shaman King posters, art prints and framed art at Printfinders.com, the Web's ...

Max Bertola's southern Utah - Shaman and Rock Art
Magic rituals, chanting holy men and the world of the supernatural all come to life in the rock art panels of Southern Utah. My favorite because it is so close to get to and has a fun variety of art. ... the Louvre of southwest rock art. Shaman and Rock Art ...

Urban Shaman Contemporary Art Gallery
Urban Shaman Contemporary Art Gallery Urban Shaman top 233 McDermot Ave Urban Shaman Aboriginal Contemporary Art ...

Buy "Shaman King" Poster from Art.com
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Games-Art.com - All About PDA, Pocket PC, Palm OS and Smartphone Games
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International Juried Online Symbolist Art Show
The 2004 International Juried Online Symbolist Art Show, The Artist As Shaman, is an annual competition and show of symbolist art including fantastic, visionary and surreal genres. The show will exhibit from May 1, 2004 - May 1, 2005, and is ... The Artist As Shaman invited artists to interpret and share their connection to nature, mystical energies ...

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