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Lagochilus inebrians

Lagochilus inebrians is hailed as the "world's most wanted herb"; this is one of the rarest of all the entheogens. As a result of its scarcity and also due to strict state control, it is virtually never seen in the outside world. The living plants and seeds are almost never found for sale, but the dried herb is available through a few companies, for a price. Also called Turkmenistanian menth, Turkistanian Mint, Turkestan Mint, and Intoxicating mint, it has long been used for its intoxicating and sedative properties by Tajik, Tatar, Turkoman and Uzbek tribesman, ancient Central Asian tribes and Shamans. Valued as a folk medicine, it is used to treat skin disease, help check hemorrhages, and to provide sedation for nervous disorders. A crystalline compound isolated from the plant and named lagochiline has proved to be aditerpene. The Lagochilus inebrians plant contains ~1-3% aditerpene. Sedative dosage is 30mg/man of aditerpene (Ref: CRC). Maximum quantities of aditerpene accumulate in plants while flowering and during fruit production (May-July.) Whether or not it produces the psychoactive effects of the whole plant is unknown.

Usually 10-15g of dried leaves, and sometimes the stems, fruits or toasted leaves are steeped in boiling water to produce a bitter tea. This may be sweetened with honey, stevia rebaudiana or sugar. Drying and storing the plant material increases its aromatic fragrance. Pharmacological effects such as reduced tension or anxiety, sedative, tranquilizer, intoxicant and mild hallucinogen are often reported.

Intoxicating mint seeds There are some 34 other species of Lagochilus. Lagochilus inebrians is a member of the mint family Labiatae, native from central Asia to Iran and Afghanistan. It is a narrow endemic species of the Uzbekistan flora, especially spread in the Samarkand region. The plant prefers light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils and requires well-drained soil. The plant prefers full sun. The flowers are hermaphrodite (male and female organs).

Inebriating Mint

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